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We are a group of passionate and committed residents who want to make our area an even better place to live and work. You can read more about each of us below…

Hamida, Secretary

Hamida has lived in the area for 13 years and was really excited about the opportunity to build on all the initiates happening in W12 for families and young people. She has been involved with the partnership for just over a year now as a resident board member and wants to build on the shared mission of solving problems that residents face in a sustainable way. Hamida is on the youth working group which aims to create and support projects that advocate for building better links between parents, schools and the police, support youth empowerment and work with experts to support parents. In her spare time Hamida loves to watch live comedy, listening to podcasts and watching David Attenborough documentaries. 

Janis, Co-Chair

Janis has lived in White City for over 40 years and is involved in many projects around W12. This includes a newly formed project called Black role models with cofounder Danny which aims to highlight and celebrate black role models in and around white city. She is also supporting a local resident, Eva, with a new project called Community no.1 which provides ESOL classes for local residents. Janis is a regular volunteer at the local Food bank whilst working as a mentor and youth worker in the locality. Over the school holidays, Janis supports Danny from Switch Sports to run free sports activities for local young people.

Harry, Co-Chair

Harry has been the chair of W12Together since April 2019. He grew up in West London and has lived in or around White City for most of the past 15 years. Harry worked in international development for more than a decade, implementing aid projects in Tanzania, Nepal, and elsewhere, and he now works as a civil servant.

Muttuh, Health & Wellbeing

Muttuh has been with Big Local W12together since inception. A keen vegetable gardener attended gardening courses at Ravenscourt Gardens and Trafford Hall in Cheshire. He also completed the Entrepreneur’s Course conducted by Tree Shepherd and funded by Big Local.

Filsan, Health & Coming Together 

Filsan is the Director of a grassroots community organisation (Midaye SDN) that deliver services for White City and Wormholt residents. She is passionate on advocating the community voice and challenges the status quo, with the aim of developing authentic and culturally appropriate, sustainable services that meet the true needs of the community.  Filsan worked with White city and Wormholt residents for many years developing the Parent leadership group, which is currently leading many of the services provided to the local community. Her main interest focuses on finding solutions to emerging issues within the community. She believes that the community themselves have the answer and the solutions to the issues they face. She joined W12 Together board 2019 and is very pleased to be a member of the board. 

Xabiibo, Youth 

I am local resident and active community organiser in White City and Wormholt for almost 14 years. I was involved in the development of a local Supplementary school and parent led youth activity. I lead local parent group and Community campaign to end FGM practice. I am passionate to empower the community and bring sustainable change.

Kane, Health & Youth

Kane has been a board member of W12Together since April 2019. He grew up in West London and has lived in W12 since 2015. From 2011 Kane has worked in finance and he is currently retraining to be a doctor. Kane is particularly interested in improving community health and youth development in the area.

Lawrence, Treasurer

Lawrence has lived in and around West London for the past 12 years and has been a resident of Wormholt and White City for the past 4 years. Lawrence works with global tech firms, likes animals, enjoys cooking and lives for a better community.


Originally from Australia, Bishin has lived and worked in White City for the past several years. She is passionate about building a stronger and more connected community and is keen to help improve the lives of local residents. Bishin works in commercial finance and enjoys trying new hobbies in her spare time (particularly anything arts and crafts related). When not making things, Bishin enjoys podcasts, audiobooks and watching what is probably a slightly unhealthy amount of television.

Jenny, Health Lead

Jenny has lived in West London for 13 years, she has also worked in the borough for many years. Working in mental health within the NHS for over a decade, she has seen the impact of stigma and psychosocial pressures that can have devastating impacts on children and families. Through volunteering with W12Together she is excited to have the opportunity to listen to the community and to support them to find their own health and wellbeing solutions. She is passionate about Community Psychology and Social Justice.  

Helen, Project Manager

Helen has worked in a number of community development and engagement roles across London and what she loves most about her job is supporting and empowering people to amplify their voice and drive growth and change in their community.

Sadie, Projects & Engagement Officer

Sadie has worked with W12Together since April 2020. The thing she loves most about her job is her supportive colleagues and the diversity of her role where she gets to meet lots of residents and organisations that are driving positive change in their communities. Sadie enjoys photography and facilitating creative workshops. 

Ezra, Project Support and Admin Officer

Having grown up near White City, he is interested in working with residents on community projects to make the area happier, healthier and more empowered. Ezra is also the Junior Editor of The Local, the W12Togther funded newsletter. In his spare time, Ezra enjoys cooking and making music.

Kim, Our Big Local Rep

I have more than 30 years of professional experience working with organisations and communities in Europe and America on a variety of issues facing the voluntary sector. My strengths are in communications, strategy, practice-based research, evaluation, training and organisational development.

Community Barnet – our Locally Trusted Organisation

CommUNITY Barnet is an award-winning, multi-borough national charity based in London with a national reputation. They are the umbrella organisation for the local voluntary and community sector (VCS) in Barnet. Established in 1979, they have been supporting and building capacity to voluntary and community groups, charities and faith groups across London. They promote partnership and consortium working to ensure Barnet and neighbouring boroughs have a thriving and sustainable sector.