Better Together

We are W12Together, a resident-led partnership, and we are getting together to establish platforms and opportunities where residents of different cultures, ages, abilities and talents come together to make our lives better for ourselves and each other.

We have had a busy year since we started in January 2020, take a look at how we have been engaging the community.

our vision

We want to see empowerment and voice for all residents of Wormholt and White City, in particular for excluded groups such as young people, people with English as a second language, people living in poverty, and people living in isolation.

We would like to see access to services for everyone, delivered appropriately according to their needs and culture.

Our Mission

We will represent and give voice to all residents.

We will help bring people together and build partnerships.

We will help solve problems that local our residents face and do things that make a sustainable difference to services and outcomes.

Our Themes


Children and young people in Wormholt and White City face many issues and challenges that affect their health and wellbeing, as well as impact their future life chances.

We will

  • Advocate for a safe place for children
  • Work with residents and experts in supporting parents
  • Support youth empowerment
  • Build better links between parents, schools and the police

health & wellbeing

There are a number of health problems our residents face that impact their wellbeing and ability to develop and thrive.

We will

  • Work to find community based solutions to improve access to health
  • Build on culturally specific health promotion
  • Link with Parkview local health coalition
  • Create a local database of health and wellbeing services to support Social Prescribing

bringing people together

Bringing people together is core to our vision, as well as central to our mission, and from our consultations we know there is strong demand for community based activities.​

We will

  • Work to establish a W12 Festival
  • Explore models for community-led housing
  • Develop centralised communication channels
  • Plan and present cross-cultural social events

There is much work to look forward to and many ways willing hands and heads can contribute. If you would like to get involved, we would love to have you join us.

We need people to

  • Work on our themes or priorities
  • Spearhead their own projects with funding from our grant fund
  • Participate in or contribute toward our festival and social events
  • Offer ideas and initiatives that can improve our community

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